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We design custom door entry systems for all business requirements

Door Entry Security Systems

VTF&S are able to design custom systems that make sense for your business and help to ensure only your employees and authorised visitors gain access.

Door entry systems are a very efficient and increasingly popular way of restricting or managing access to a whole building or a specific room. An electronic door entry system can use an intercom or a more sophisticated audio and video feed that allows someone inside the building as a way of granting access to visitors and are available as a wireless option. Using one at the entrance to your building helps keep your premises safe and secure.

Benefits of door entry systems include;

  • A modern and professional look for your building
  • Both video and audio door entry systems let you know in advance who’s arriving, giving you time to prepare
  • No more key fobs – access control means your staff don’t need a set of keys for entry into the office or building
  • Can act as a crime deterrent, especially in the case of video systems
  • As well as acting as an entry system, it also functions as a secure door lock system
  • There are touch screen options for a hygiene reasons, a modern look and ease of use

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